Apex 850: Royal Huisman’s new 85m McKeon super sloop

Royal Huisman
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Royal Huisman and designer Malcolm McKeon have teamed up once again to create the ambitious new 85-metre Apex 850 sailing yacht concept.

The single-masted yacht is designed for an ambitious owner looking to push the boundaries of sailing both on an engineering level and in terms of construction.

What makes this concept unique, apart from its enormous scale, is that the Apex 850 has been fully engineered and developed for real-world sailing by McKeon and Huisman. “Technical challenges have been identified and addressed,” says the shipyard. The Rondal rig that rises 107 metres above the waterline will provide an exhilarating sailing experience which is no less manageable than on smaller yachts.

Apex 850’s sleek hull leads aft from the slicing reverse bow to a flared open stern where the yacht’s outdoor entertainment centre is located. The see-through deckhouse provides shelter to a saloon and guest cockpit that covers over 200 sqm and complements the minimalist style of interior and exterior guests areas around the yacht.

Sculpted outdoor furniture creates a comfortable corner to relax in with a 50 sqm beach club setup at the stern for those looking to enjoy an even closer connection with the ocean. It is also from here where the owners can access their full-beam suite; a 250 sqm apartment with full-height windows on each side of the cabin for exceptional views when anchored or underway. Elsewhere, four guests suites accommodate up to 12 guests and come in twin and double layout options, each with a Pullman berth.

Designed to be built from aluminium, the Apex 850 is created with low-maintenance, easy handling and safe cruising in mind. The powerful rig that supports the 4,700 sqm of downwind sails is managed by Rondal’s Integrated Sailing System. “Her retractable keel, optimised weight distribution and limited heel angle will provide stability, comfort and safety for all on board,” explains designer Malcolm McKeon. “Twin high-aspect rudders will provide a rapid response to her fly-by-wire helm.”

The mainsail and blade headsail is designed to be hoisted within minutes, according to Royal Huisman. Speeds of over 20 knots can easily be reached and the Apex 850 will exceed the speed of the wind in most conditions, says McKeon. An energy-efficient power management system means that the Apex 850 remains eco-friendly even when cruising under power. Load-following generators ensure that no energy is wasted as a battery bank absorbs any unused power for later use. A Silent Mode can be activated at night to further reduce noise and exhaust pollution.

Among three projects currently under construction at Royal Huisman is the 59.7-metre project 404, also designed by Malcolm McKeon.

Apex 850: Royal Huisman’s new 85m McKeon super sloop