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Ronstan has been rolling out new products over the year, adding to its range of lashing and high load blocks with high load to weight.

New soft attachment blocks are said to achieve the highest ratings for dynamic load versus sheave diameter in Ronstan’s keelboat block range, says Jason Belben of Ronstan suppliers SailTek.

The SA blocks incorporate a full contact, self-lubricating composite journal bearing running on a stainless steel hub to reduce friction under load. Thrust washers are positioned between the sheave and cheek plates to handle high side loads, and testing has shown this to be more effective than ball bearings.

With a Dyneema SK99 cord shackle and titanium dog bone, the blocks are suitable for applications such as 2:1 main halyards, headsail and spinnaker sheets, mast base halyard deflection and running backstays.

Lashing block

Ronstan has released the RF35109HL 30mm lashing block for high load applications such as high load vang purchase systems on Moth and Lasers, halyards on skiffs, cunninghams, outhauls and backstay purchase systems.

With a maximum line of 8mm, the block has a maximum working load of 550kg and a breaking load of 1650kg. The hub can also double as a becket take off point.

Also proving to be popular with Ronstan customers is the new small swivel cleat arm, the RF50, used primarily for self-tacking jib control on dinghies such as the 49er but also useful for control lines on some larger yachts.

Vang purchase system on a Laser

Vang purchase system on a Laser