Codecasa and Luca Dini Reveal 24 Metre Gentleman's Yacht Project

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Italian yard Codecasa has teamed up with Luca Dini Design & Architecture to present a 24 metre “unique” yacht project named The Gentleman’s Yacht.

The all-aluminium design is reminiscent of 1950s yachts but packed full of “unique and technologically advanced solutions,” the builder said.

Speaking about the design, Luca Dini said: “The idea was to transform a piece of nautical history into something exclusive.

“Yachts from the 50s immediately take me back to when I was a child. So, I wanted to create something that, just by looking at it, made me relive moments of my childhood…”

Fulvio Codecasa described the project as “characterised by noble elegance and refined design”.

The yacht, which pairs traditional maritime style with modern features, will be available in a limited run of 10 hulls and is aimed towards owners “looking for something different.”

The builder described the design as “a second yacht with timeless charm for spending quality time with the family”. Planning is underway on the first hull, with construction set to begin soon on-spec.

Key exterior features include “glossy mahogany flanks and wooden surfaces” and “chrome plated steel finishes”. Special attention has been paid to maximising the beach club aft. The custom tender meanwhile is stored on the main deck and deployed using a hidden crane.

Accommodation on board is for a total of eight guests in four guest cabins, with two cabins for crew. The interior is available in two themes; traditional and contemporary. The traditional theme includes wooden panels, white lacquered ceilings and wooden details. Other materials include chocolate and taupe leather with navy blue fabrics.

While the propulsion package has not yet been revealed, Codecasa estimates the yacht to have a top speed of 25 knots, cruising speed of 20 knots and range of 2,100 nautical miles at nine knots.

Codecasa and Luca Dini Reveal 24 Metre Gentleman's Yacht Project