Iris Innovations Launches Garmin OneHelm Compatible Camera and Alarm Management System

Iris Innovations
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Iris Innovations has launched CMAC — an industry-first control system for boat cameras and alarms — and IrisControl, which runs on Garmin’s OneHelm platform to customize a unique experience to each boat.

The CMAC hardware units are compatible with IP and HD cameras and have built-in video recording, with adjustable resolution, frame rates, settable motion detection parameters and data management — all configurable, allowing for users to expand storage time.

The removable, shock-proof hard drive’s content is WiFi-enabled, viewable on any connected device.

“The Iris CMAC system is the first fully-integrated device of its type on the market,” said Iris Innovations managing director Carl Hitchcock in a statement. “It offers our customers a solution that is both flexible and scalable, while eliminating the need and expense of additional helm-mounted control hardware, freeing up space and saving on installation time.”

To utilize CMAC, Iris has lunched IrisControl — an interface compatible with Garmin’s OneHelm and viewable on its MFDs. Users can upload their own deck plans, preset hot zones and has pan, tilt and zoom control over onboard cameras via virtual joystick.

Iris says it is working on updating the interface, with drone integration and AIS tracking capabilities.

“We capitalized on Garmin MFDs network architecture and OneHelm program to provide a win-win solution for customers and installers alike,” continued Hitchcock. “IrisControl is an extremely powerful platform that delivers a slick, feature-rich user experience that we are confident will resonate with boaters. As we add more features, users simply update their software to increase the capability of their Iris system and stay up to date.”

IrisControl gives users access to manage all onboard cameras and alarms.

IrisControl gives users access to manage all onboard cameras and alarms.


The CMAC enclosure has waterproof connectors and wood-effect end caps.