Besenzoni Introduces Electric-Powered Gangways

Besenzoni SpA
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Italian manufacturer Besenzoni SpA have introduced a new line of electric-powered gangways to complement its hydraulic-powered, external and retractable gangways and retractable bathing and boarding ladders.

The electric model line, LaPasserella, are lighter, more energy-efficient, quieter and more environmentally friendly than previous models. Obviating the need for hydraulic lines and oil saves installation time, weight and space in the engine room as well.

“LaPasserella has achieved the ambitious objective of making the gangway easier to use and more environmentally friendly while maintaining the operating standards required in a marine environment, and at the same time simplifying the production process…making it easier to install on the yacht,” said Besenzoni CEO Giorgio Besenzoni in a statement.

This new range can be powered by 12- or 24-volt DC systems and is compatible with the company’s Bluetooth app or via remote control.

Besenzoni Introduces Electric-Powered Gangways