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Hempel has enhanced its Olympic+ and Oceanic+ range with the launch of five new antifouling solutions.

The introduction of Oceanic Protect+, Oceanic Flex+, Olympic Protect+, Olympic Flex+ and Olympic Protect aims to deliver greater performance through better control of the leached layer and an enhanced mechanical strength.

Marianna Sioni, marine group product manager, antifouling coatings, called the new launch ‘antifouling performance reinvented’. “We have invested in re-formulating these products to enhance their performance so that we can continue to offer proven solutions for a low upfront investment, supported by Hempel’s world-class global service,” she said.

Smartfibre technology

All five reformulated products use Hempel’s Smartfibre technology and each coating now contains a 20% higher fibre content which is said to improve its mechanical strength by allowing the increase of the hydrophobic characteristics, leading to reduced leached layer thickness.

The new range is designed to suit different trading patterns – Olympic Protect, Olympic Protect+ (for medium to high activity levels) and Olympic Flex+ (for low activity levels) are based on ion-exchange technology and give protection for up to 25 idle days and up to 60 months service interval.

Oceanic Protect+ (for medium to high activity levels) and Oceanic Flex+ (for low activity levels) are based on zinc carboxylate technology and protect for up to 30 idle days and 60 months service interval.


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