Chatham Marine
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Chatham Marine is launching several new models during 2021 including the Buton G2 boat shoe that was delayed due to Covid-19.

The shoe incorporates Chatham’s new Sol Spring tri-density sole that combines comfort technology with memory foam.

Sole features include an EVA foam heel cup footbed, providing shock absorption and heel support and a cushioned EVA foam outsole insert, providing underfoot comfort and flexibility in the forepart.

The sole features open-cell, breathable material which helps wearers stay cool and dry while maintaining performance throughout the life of the product, explained Chatham MD Philip Marsh.

Materials used are free from latex, PVC’s and additional solvents that can cause skin irritations and have been developed not to break down or collapse with wear and time.

They will also maintain their size, shape and fit throughout the lifetime of the shoe.

“It’s a new rubber compound similar to that used in rock climbing that gives extra grip,” said Philip. “We’ve used duel density rubber for added comfort and in addition, the upper is stitched to the sole for extra durability and wear.

“We’ve made a considerable investment into the sole and moulds.”

Other new models with the Sol Spring include the Whitstable lace up boat shoe, the Bantham boat shoe and the Pentle G2 women’s shoe.

The new sole on Chatham's Buton G2 boat shoe

The new sole on Chatham's Buton G2 boat shoe