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REXH2: The on-board solution for zero-emission navigation

With a footprint of just one cubic meter and a weight of 400 kilograms, the REXH2 equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cells is today, in relation to the power delivered, the most compact and efficient Range Extender on the market.

The R&D carried out by the EODev and Toyota teams has enabled the REXH2 to be perfectly adapted to the extreme conditions of the marine environment, reaching power levels of 70 kW per unit, up to 1MW when stacked. It is this flexibility in implementation that makes REXH2 the ideal generator for tailor-made hydrogen solutions for propulsion and the supply of decarbonated energy at sea.


Smaller footprint and weight

Total modularity


Quick refueling

No noise pollution

No minimum power required

Online usage tracking

Instant start

Predictive and simplified maintenance

Optimum consumption and efficiency

"Plug & Play" solution

“The REXH2 is a modular solution developed around Toyota's latest generation fuel cell, enabling CO2 emission-free, fine-particle-free and noise-free maritime and river mobility. Its custom application allows for propulsion and/or operation of onboard systems using hydrogen.” - Jeremie Lagarrigue, EODev CEO


Power from 70 kW to 1 MW

Guaranteed lifetime 15 000 hours

Output voltage ± 600 V DC

Full power can be maintained for several hours

No clogging

No moving parts


Integrated H2 safety management

Compact : 100 x 100 x 100cm

Integration: Complete turnkey system

Mass 400Kg

Power Management System included



The REXH2 can be combined with any electrical system to provide continuous power that can be perfectly combined with the use of batteries. In addition to saving space and weight, this hybridization optimizes the management of the boat's propulsion and power calls, and therefore energy consumption.


When the use of diesel remains necessary, in particular to cover long distances, the integration of a hydrogen system coupled with a diesel-electric unit allows for emission-free and noise-free navigation in protected areas, near ports and the coastline.


For larger vessels with high power demands, the REXH2 can replace traditional generators to run onboard systems and ensure perfect tranquility at anchor, without any greenhouse gas emissions or harmful effects.



Propulsion, systems and life on board

All navigation areas

Medium to fast speeds

Short distances


Systems, life on board, port maneuvers, propulsion protected areas

All navigation areas

Slow to medium speed

Average and/or random distance


Propulsion, systems and life on board

All navigation areas

Slow speed

Regular / recurring routes

REXH2: The on-board solution for zero-emission navigation


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