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Bracket-Mount Ritchie Compasses

Easily add a magnetic compass to virtually any helm.

It’s surprising how many new boats neglect to have a magnetic compass—an item we consider essential to navigational safety. At the same time, some boats don’t have space for a flush-mount compass. That’s where a Ritchie bracket-mount Helmsman compass can help. Easy to add to virtually any helm, it comes in two styles: The HB-740 has a flat dial for viewing from above; the CombiDial HB-741 has a card with two sets of degree marks on top and along the raised periphery. Both 3 ¾-inch dials are set on sapphire jewels in a hardened steel gimbal. $227.06 for either model;


  • 243 Oak St, Pembroke, MA 02359, USA
  • Ritchie Navigation