Ultra-fast megawatt charging system from Cavotec

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Engineering company Cavotec has launched its ultra-fast megawatt charging system (MCS) for electric vessels and heavy-duty vehicles. The company’s turnkey DC charging solution can deliver 350kW, 1MW or 3MW of power from a single connector and features grid-to-inlet functionality to support decarbonization.

Cavotec’s MCS consists of a high-power electronic module, a connector and an inlet that acts as the mating device on board the vessel or on the vehicle. The system is claimed to significantly reduce the time required to charge electric transportation and minimizes uptime compared with combined charging systems (CCS).

The MCS will be launched at the Bauma construction trade fair on October 24, 2022, and will also be on show at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo North America on November 2 and 3, in Houston, Texas.

“MCS enables the safe and quick connection of heavy-duty vehicles and ships to electrical power in a reliable, ergonomic unit,” said Jörn Bullert, vice president of product management, charging solutions at Cavotec. “As the most powerful system on the market, MCS significantly reduces typical charging times, thereby minimizing downtime.”

Ultra-fast megawatt charging system from Cavotec