Diesel Outboard Sets Speed Record on HVO100

Cox Marine
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Cox Marine announced that it set the first diesel outboard world speed record during Speed Week on Coniston Water in Cumbria County, England.

On Nov. 3, the Cox team and its 21-foot Hallet Vector, Pegasus, powered by the CXO300 outboard, hit 62.27 mph.

“It’s a great honor to be able to set a new record,” helmsman Adam Brown said in a statement. “There may be future diesel outboard-powered record attempts, but Cox Marine will always be the first — 62.27 mph is a great speed for a 300-hp engine that is straight off the production line."

After initial runs with traditional diesel, the team switched to HVO100 fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil). Cox said its testing shows that HVO100 reduces net CO2 emissions by 92% compared with an equivalent 300-hp gasoline outboard.

The company said it now officially supports the use of HVO fuel in its outboards without impacting warrantees, service schedules or requiring modifications to the engine.

“We wanted to demonstrate that power and performance can still be achieved without damaging the environment,” said James Eatwell, Cox head of research and development. “It’s one of the founding principles at Cox Marine and continues to drive our pursuit of innovation through technology.”

The Union Internationale Motonautique, the governing body for powerboat racing, still has to ratify the record.

Diesel Outboard Sets Speed Record on HVO100