Dockmate Launches System for Older Boats

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Dockmate announced that it introduced a wireless remote-control docking system for boats with mechanical controls.

Dockmate said its RED M2E system, with a Glendinning smart actuator, allows plug-and-play installations on boats with older engine controls.

“The Dockmate RED M2E opens the door for all vessels with mechanical controls to have a wireless remote control at a minimal cost,” Dockmate CEO Marc Curreri said in a statement. “This is a great opportunity for owners to upgrade their boats to a wireless remote-control system so they can leave the helm, where visibility is often poor, and safely dock single-handedly or recover their anchor or mooring ball from anywhere aboard.”

Curreri said Dockmate’s long-term partnership with Glendinning led to the development of RED M2E.

“Dockmate has continued to develop products which are superbly engineered and compatible with Glendinning’s industry-leading product line, and the RED M2E coupled with our smart actuator is another excellent addition,” said Glendinning vice president John Glendinning.

Dockmate Launches System for Older Boats

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