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The "ocean tribute" award

Together for the protection of the seas

Every year, boot Düsseldorf awards environmentally friendly projects & technical innovations for better climate and cleaner seas.

Together with the partners, the Prince Albert Foundation and the German Ocean Foundation, the award was launched at boot 2017, in the presence of Prince Albert II. Since 2018, the "ocean tribute" Award honors initiatives, associations and projects that are particularly committed to the preservation of the oceans.

The public voting is over!

Thank you all who have taken part in the the public voting. Together with the votes of the jury, the winner of the ocean tribute award 2023 will now be determined.

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About the award

Every initiative, every exciting project and campaign for the protection of the seas can become part of the "ocean tribute" award. Participants must ensure that their projects contribute to the sustainable improvement and cleaning of the oceans. Whether technical innovations, development of research capacities, public awarness work or reduction of waste and nutrients, the protection of the oceans is the aim of "ocean tribute" award.

The winner of the ocean tribute 2022

The fifth “ocean tribute” award was presented to the organisation of “HelioRec” with its floating solar power plant project. With their initiative, they not only convinced the jury of experts, but also won the public vote with 50.4 %! The main goals of the project are to save the land space in a port area, generate a clean source of energy, charge electrical vehicles (EVs) and electrical boats (EBs) with ECSs and implement novel digital services for data prediction and optimization.

Learn more about HelioRec!

Goal & objective

"With the competition for the "ocean tribute" Award, boot Düsseldorf has taken the right approach. For many years, we have been supporting projects and activists who are committed to protecting the seas. The awarding of a prize was only the logical continuation of our work. After all, with our partners from Monaco and the German Marine Foundation we have competent advisors and experts on board", explains boot Düsseldorf director Petros Michelidakis and adds: "In doing so, we have made the United Nations sustainability target our guiding principle: The goal is to preserve the oceans and use the seas and marine resources sustainably".

The application process

You want to take part at next's "ocean tribute" award? Get all information about the application process, the criteria and the conditions of participation here. The winning project will be supported with 20,000 € by boot Düsseldorf and its partners.

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The jury

From all submitted projects, five actions will be nominated. By public voting and the final verdict of a top-class jury, the winner of the "ocean tribute" award will be determined and honoured at boot Düsseldorf.

Get to know the jury!*wxrmif*_ga*MjA4OTMxNDg4My4xNjczMzQ3NjEw*_ga_3TJSBB1G04*MTY3MzM1NjAzNy4zLjEuMTY3MzM1NjYwNi4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.11091575.2139115828.1673347610-2089314883.1673347610


  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Petros Michelidakis