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Love your ocean

"love your ocean“ campaign in hall 14 at boot Düsseldorf

Take the initiative!

The "love your ocean" initiative in partnership with the German Ocean Foundation presents how industry, science and society can protect the ocean and the climate today. The campaign stand in hall 14 also invites children to join in. This important topic is a matter close to the heart of boot Düsseldorf.

For a long time now, marine and water protection have a priority at boot. Since 2017, the project has a name: "love your ocean" was created on the initiative of boot and has attracted a lot of public attention with its partnership with the German Marine Foundation as well as the Monegasque Prince Albert II. Foundation and the environmental activist Emily Penn.

Showing possibilities

boot Director Petros Michelidakis: "People are awakened by "love your ocean". It presents the possibilities that industry, science and society already have today to protect the ocean and the climate. I am very proud that boot is one of the pioneers in this field and offers the topic a broad platform." Companies and projects that have water and climate protection as their goal are grouped around the "love your ocean" stand. There will also be exciting talks on the "love your ocean" stage.

Stage for water and climate protection

Clean waters are a matter of honor

Sustainability and water protection should be a matter of honor for all water sports enthusiasts. Without clean waters, their sport is on the brink. boot Düsseldorf wants to show positive developments with love your ocean. After all, many associations, institutions and companies are committed to clean waters these days. The associations through their dedicated public relations work, science and institutions through research and development of innovative, future-oriented technologies, and the producers through the consistent use of these innovations and sustainable, i.e. energy- and emission-reduced production.


  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Petros Michelidakis