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Linssen 55SL AC Variotop first look: New flagship steel boat heading to Boot 2023

Dutch steel builder Linssen has launched its first Linssen 55SL AC Variotop, which will be getting a public debut later this month at the HISWA boat show in the Netherlands...

This new 54ft 1in (16.5m) flagship model will be retained as a demonstrator at the Dutch yard until Boot Düsseldorf in January 2023.

Designed by Belgian studio KesselsGranger on an in-house platform, the displacement hull has a category B rating for extended sea cruising and is notable for being the first in the SL Series to sport a Variotop.

The latter is a proprietary fully automatic convertible roof mechanism that opens or closes the bridge deck at the press of a button. It has been very successful on the more traditional Linssen GS50, GS480 and GS500 models.

The AC in Linssen 55SL AC Variotop denotes an aft cabin. The standard layout features two further guest cabins and two shower rooms with a double-zone lounge-diner and galley amidships.

Propulsion consists of twin four-cylinder 2.0-litre 150hp Mercury diesels. The top speed should be around 10 knots, but at an everyday 7.5-8.0-knot cruise at 1,900-2,000rpm the theoretical range should be around 850nm.

Excluding taxes, the base price of the Linssen 55SL AC Variotop is €1,407,300, but with an average set of extras and stabilisers, you can expect to pay nearer €1.6m.

Based in Maasbracht, a town in the south-east of the Netherlands, Linssen builds around 70 boats a year from a 16-model range that spans 30-55ft.

Linssens are popular across northern Europe and more than 100 are available for charter in multiple countries via Linssen Boating Holidays.



  • Brouwersstraat 17, 6051 AA Maasbracht, Netherlands
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