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What to do at anchor? Let yourself be tempted by these accessories

Drop stitch technology has allowed the development of inflatable paddles. Nowadays, there are paddles of all shapes and uses to satisfy all practices. Motorized, they offer great excursion possibilities, from your boat or from the shore.

E-MOTION by Coasto, a paddle with an electric motor.

The E-MOTION is a very long paddle board, more than 3 m long, 105 cm wide and 15 cm thick. In short, a paddle that is a bit big, but that can carry 2 people, or 180 kg max. But this paddle is a little bit special, it has an electric motor and a battery. Thus, you can navigate up to 1.5 hours without rowing. A trigger on the steering wheel and you move forward at 6 km/h max, with even the possibility to go backwards. Price: 1799 euros TTC (with a battery for 90 minutes)

Tiki Factory AIRFOIL 200, one board, three possibilities

Well suited for use at anchor from a boat, the Airfoil 200 is a board that offers three possibilities of use:

. WINDSURF board, a sailboard with a fin

. WINDFOIL board, a sailboard with a foil

. WINGFOIL board, a board for wing practice

Price from 794 euros the board only

Kit SUP DUO Sublue, motorize your paddle with an underwater scooter

The Sup Duo Kit fits on the back of 99% of inflatable paddles. If the thickness is between 12 and 15 cm, you can press the kit to the back. Underneath, the small Sublue WhiteShark Tini towed swimming submarine is attached. The speed of 3 and 8âeuroskm/h guarantees excellent sensations. The large 158 Wh battery offers more than an hour of navigation, or 45 minutes with the standard 98 Wh battery. The motor is controlled with a wireless trigger that is attached to the paddle. Prices start at 1720 euros.

What to do at anchor? Let yourself be tempted by these accessories


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