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10 fun activities to practice on the water to (re)discover this summer!

It's hot and the water is the best place to play sports! It may be the opportunity to try new activities on the water! Here's a quick overview of the sports to (re)discover without delay.


Surfing is a very popular sport on the beaches of the Atlantic coast and has been practiced for centuries on all the waves of the world. Easily accessible with a minimum of advice, it will allow you to discover your first gliding sensations with a minimum of effort. Many discovery courses are available for beginners.

Stand Up Paddle

Democratized since about fifteen years in Europe, the SUP is practiced on a large board called Paddle Board (or SUP). Very easy to access, it will allow you to walk at your own pace by offering a simplified access to the creeks near your mooring. Rigid or inflatable, the paddle is suitable for all ages.

The Wingfoil

Wingfoil consists in surfing on a board equipped with a foil and propelled by an inflatable wing. Appeared in 2019, this discipline has federated a lot of followers on all the bodies of water. It is nevertheless strongly advised to follow a training course if you want to quickly navigate independently.


Sea kayaking allows its practitioners to practice coastal hiking without effort. Easy to access, you can take up to three people on the same boat.

The wake board

Appeared in the 80s, wakeboarding is practiced on a board equipped with shoes and pulled by a boat or a ski lift. Physical and fun, the sliding sensations are immediate and easy to access.

FIND A PRACTICE SITE - Fédération Française de Ski Nautique & de Wakeboard (

The Skimboard

Skimboarding is a sport that consists in surfing on a wave or a thin film of water but running from the beach. Simple, fun and easy to access!

The water bike

The aquatic bike is a marine bike equipped with foils, but also with an electric assistance. It will allow you to ride at about ten knots for a good hour, with a minimum of effort.

The towed buoy

It is a buoy that is towed on the back of a motor boat, on the sea or on a lake. Not requiring a strong power, many models of towed machines are available to bring you strong sensations, in solo or in group.

The underwater scooter

The underwater scooter is a propulsion device that allows you to swim in the sea or in the lake. Fun and easy to use, you can use it while snorkeling or in a tank, and discover the underwater world without effort. Many models are available for adults and children.

The longe côte

Longe côte is an aquatic walk that is practiced on a beach with little slope and no obstacles. Easily accessible and practicable all year round, the longe côte brings a muscular and cardio-vascular reinforcement without taking articular risks.

Longe côte - aquatic walking - Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (

10 fun activities to practice on the water to (re)discover this summer!


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