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The next-generation Orca Display 2 is now available for pre-order

Orca, the Norwegian marine tech startup, opened pre-orders for Orca Display 2 on 30 March 2023. The new display delivers chartplotter-level brightness and operating temperature range combined with the portability and performance of a modern tablet. Deliveries will begin in late April 2023 for early pre-orders.

Every aspect of the Orca Display 2 is purpose-built for boating and extreme conditions at sea, and for its second-generation display, Orca developed its Lumen HDX screen.

The Lumen HDX screen delivers 1,000 nits of persistent brightness with a stunning 1200:1 contrast. The screen has an etched glass surface that minimizes screen glare and can be viewed with polarized sunglasses thanks to the Lumen HDX’s TrueShift polariser. The result is an incredibly bright screen that can be easily viewed in direct sunlight.

Orca Display 2 is able to operate in temperatures from -15 to +55 degrees centigrades. The display achieves this with its custom-built 9500 mAh battery that delivers up to eight hours of battery-powered navigation.

Charging the Display 2 is incredibly easy. Orca recently announced the Orca Charging Mount, a wireless charging mount that allows you to use the Orca Display 2 hands-free, just like a traditional chartplotter. The mount charges via a proprietary 25W wireless fast-charging system and can be installed in a variety of ways: With a mounting arm, flush-mounted on a flat surface, or on the mast of a sailboat.

Traditional chartplotters are notoriously slow and unresponsive. The first-generation Orca Display released in 2021 is still the fastest and most powerful marine navigation system on the market with its 8-core processor. Orca Display 2 takes performance even further, delivering up to 60% better CPU performance than its predecessor, and 75% better graphics performance with its dual-core GPU. Orca’s Display 2 responds instantly, from zooming and panning the chart to automatic routing and rich instrument panels.

Boaters can view rich sailing instruments, AIS information, engine data and control modern autopilots from the Display 2 wirelessly via the Orca Core. Orca Display 2 is also cellular-enabled, so when used with a SIM card, users can access live AIS, weather forecasts, and advanced tools such as sail routing. Orca Display 2 also synchronises your personal spots and routes directly with the Orca app on your smartphone and tablet, making pre-planning effortless.

Jorge Sevillano, Co-Founder and CEO of Orca, comments on the new product, “Orca Display 2 sets a new standard for marine navigation experiences. It is the first product that delivers chartplotter-level brightness and temperature handling, in combination with great performance and ease-of-use that you get from modern mobile phones and tablets.”

Kristian Fallrø, Co-Founder and CTO of Orca adds, “Orca Display 2 is a fantastic navigation device, but it is also a completely open Google Certified Android tablet. This certification means you can install all your favorite apps via the Play Store, whether it is for boating, entertainment, or productivity.”

Available to pre-order directly from, the Orca Display 2 is €999 ($999). The optional Orca Core, which delivers wireless boat integration, and optional Orca Charging Mount are sold separately at €449 ($499) and €299 ($299) respectively.

The next-generation Orca Display 2 is now available for pre-order


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