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Toy of the month: Silent Tender 400 is a breath of fresh air

The electric-powered, super lightweight Silent Tender 400 is like nothing we’ve seen before…

Silent Yachts is best known for its large and efficient solar-powered catamarans, but its new baby the Silent Tender 400 is a four-metre, carbon-fibre, rigid-hull planing boat.

Able to carry six people ‘with ease’, it’s small enough to fit on the bathing platform of Silent Yachts’ smallest 60ft powercat but crucially, that carbon-fibre construction means that, at 90kg (excluding motor), it’s also light enough.

Buyers are able to choose between various inboard and outboard propulsion options. Inboard power comes in the form of a 20kW electric water jet, offering extremely low draft and ease of handling as well as the safety benefits of no exposed propeller.

For more speed, choose the electric outboard option, with either 20kW or 30kW, depending on the package selected.

The higher rated motor is capable of propelling the boat at more than 20 knots, for ‘an exciting, sporty ride’.

A 16kWh lithium battery is standard or you can upgrade to 20kWh unit. At 10 knots, expect a minimum of two hours’ drive time.

Fast on-board charging can replenish the battery in 2.5 hours but a price of €70,000 means refilling your wallet may take a little bit longer!

Silent Tender 400 specifications

LOA: 13ft 1in / 4m

Power: 20-30kW

Battery: 16-20kWh

Top speed: 20 knots

Range: 23nm @ 10 knots

Starting price: €70,000

Toy of the month: Silent Tender 400 is a breath of fresh air


  • N-234, Spain
  • Silent Yachts

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