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The Neel 43 has added two more achievements to its swag of awards.

The innovative trimaran won the Sailing World 2023 ‘Best Multihull’ category in the Boat of the Year awards, and it was also included in SAIL’s Top Ten Best Boats for 2023.

The judging panels commended the NEEL 43 for its unique interior layout, outstanding comfort and excellent sailing performance.

The Lombard-designed trimaran is the most compact model in the NEEL range, although it has a high freeboard and similar pod design to the NEEL 47, 51 and 65. The model also features a marked move towards the use of shipyard’s use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials.

The NEEL 43’s construction mirrors the other models in the range, including a vacuum infused composite sandwich using PVC and PET foams with carbon-fibre reinforcement. Resins and gelcoats have also been improved with a view to limiting styrene emissions, which is part of the shipyard’s commitment to eco-friendly cruising through the use of bio sourced and recyclable materials.

The hulls combine a central ‘rockered’ hull, which facilitates tacking and manoeuvring when in port, with streamlined floats that provide stability and prevent pitching. Designed to deliver speed, the NEEL 43 carefully balances weight reduction with an adequate load capacity to cater for extended passage making.


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