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C-Power wraps up in-harbor trials of SeaRAY device

US-based marine energy company C-Power has completed in-harbor operational trials of the SeaRAY autonomous offshore power system (AOPS) ahead of its deployment offshore Hawaii.

C-Power’s 2kW SeaRAY AOPS is set for testing at US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site (WETS), according to the company.

SeaRAY’s uses two floats, one on each side, that roll with ocean waves and connect to a power take-off (PTO) system. That system then runs a generator, which connects to batteries on the seafloor.

“Our thanks to Sea Engineering for their work helping us successfully complete this important step on the way to our groundbreaking demonstration of ocean energy,” C-Power said on social media.

In Hawaii, project partners, including Saab, one of the world-leading companies in electric underwater robotics, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and BioSonics, will pair the SeaRAY AOPS with their electronics, which collect data on methane and carbon levels, fish activity, and more.

The demonstration will also feature Verlume’s first commercial Halo battery system, which represents a scalable storage solution and ‘gateway’ for renewable energy to high-value assets able to provide a reliable, uninterrupted power supply predominantly for use in the harsh subsea environment.


  • Hawaii, USA
  • C-Power