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Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett
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Directors Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett express the importance of events such as SuperyachtDESIGN Week (SYDW).

Why are events like SuperyachtDESIGN Week so important?

JF: We feel that the superyacht industry has to try to diversify from the ordinary events such as yachts shows, rendezvous’ and event award ceremonies. We have found since aligning with SYDW and Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour (DCCH) it has opened up our niche market to many land-based designers along with clients that simply don’t understand what the superyacht industry is. As businesses we have always tried to be progressive and innovative in the way we conduct business. Service is the heartbeat of our businesses followed by the product. SYDW allows us to extend our ethos to UK designers in the capital. What value is there in attending and sponsoring this event for you?

KG: This is our 25th year within the superyacht industry and from the very early days of working with Jon Bannenberg, we are extremely pleased to see the second and now the third generation of yacht designers establishing themselves independently. With this growth it has brought many new people into the industry and we’re extremely proud to work with many of the best yacht designers in the world. However, as there are new people that have come into the industry, it is very important we align our branding in the correct places. With both businesses, we have always been very sensitive to our position within the industry, which is why we only select key marketing strategies. The SYDW allows us to reacquaint ourselves with familiar faces while meeting the new generation.

Which products will you be looking to promote?

JF: As I previously mentioned, products are simply a bi-product of our business and while many clients supply luxury goods themselves this is generally where it begins and ends. The superyacht industry is all about relationships and we work tirelessly to maintain our connections with clients and we extend this to our supply network.

Where do you see the event in five years time?

KG: We would hope to see SYDW as a firm favourite for all professionals within the yachting industry. In having the event within DCCH, it will bring together everything to do the sea, land and hopefully air under one roof.

Glancy Fawcett sign up to SYD Week!
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