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SYDW 2014 Speaker Spotlight: Tim Gosling

Year 2013, Gosling Marine was launched to create a collection of carbon fibre exterior deck furniture for on board living.

Following his 18 years working as a Director at Linley, Tim Gosling ventured out on his own, founding Gosling in 2005. Providing bespoke furniture to various industries, Gosling Marine was launched in 2013 to create a collection of carbon fibre exterior deck furniture for on board living. Gosling spoke with us recently ahead of his participation at SuperyachtDESIGN Week, being held in London from 24-26 June.

How long have you worked in the superyacht industry?

I have worked alongside the superyacht industry for as long as I've been designing bespoke furniture, which is over 25 years. Many projects and clients overlap with the super yacht world, from the house in Eaton square to the ports of the Mediterranean. I have always been fascinated with the engineering element of the superyacht world, which spills over into the expectations of a domestic interior. The cinema rooms and sound systems for example are all born at sea.

What project are you most proud of?

I loved working on the Mirabella 5, which was not only the largest sloop in the world but also the last vessel to be launched at VT’s Woolston yard. It was so majestic watching it glide into the water - due to Health and Safety you now build them in a dry dock and fill it up with water and push it out - where's the magic in that?

What is your design philosophy?

To create and design pieces with the utmost integrity, which reflects our expertise in design and craftsmanship - it's quite straightforward really, but surprisingly rare in this age of mass production and trying to make goods cheaper.

What attracts you to the world of superyacht design?

What doesn't attract me to the superyacht world? It's the ultimate in ‘design expression’ and sheer luxury.

What aspect of SuperyachtDESIGN Week are you most looking forward to?

Discussions with other designers sets my pulse racing - the feeling of being part of a larger team and movement of history. To feel like we are pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship further. Also, I can't help feeling immensely proud to be British and to make all my furniture in this country.

Why do you think events such as these are important for the industry?

Because it focuses the worlds attention on our achievements

What can guests hope to hear about/take away from your session?

A new insight into design ideas for the next few years.

What exciting upcoming projects/innovations can we see from you in the near future?

A new book plus a short film on Art Deco. Oh and some rather exciting hatch designs.


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  • Tim Gosling