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A sailboat so exceptional that even François Gabart wants one

When designing the RM890, RM Yachts had a long list of requirements to fulfill. The French shipyard wanted to build a 9-meter sailboat that would be easy to sail alone, but with an interior so comfortable that it could be used for family vacations. They also wanted the boat to perform well at all speeds and provide a sense of stability without losing power.

This is perhaps why naval architect Marc Lombard was brought on board. The result is a modern design with a reversed bow and sheers as well as an exceptionally long waterline and roof. As with all RM Yachts, the RM890 is constructed in plywood / epoxy and has a 180° panoramic view inside the cabin.

In its first outings, the boat easily reached speeds of 8 to 9 knots with the Spinnaker. The RM890 definitely goes above and beyond its RM880 predecessor and has been so successful that even Vendée Globe champion François Gabart has ordered one!