Pannone Architetti
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A concept mixing features of of both motor AND sailing yachts

Mixing the features of both motor AND sailing yachts – that’s what design studio Pannone Architetti achieved with the Shuairan 35m concept. A noticeable attempt to please both sailboat and motor yachts lovers, this project has set the bar pretty high. It aspires to be a crossroad between two utterly different styles of navigation, two seemingly opposed philosophies.

For that, great care has been taken with the design of this luxurious yacht. Besides its beautiful and aerodynamic lines, the stern can be configured in different ways. The external dinette area can be removed if necessary, thus leave more freedom for maneuvers in the event of a regatta.

The relationship between shape and color was also a turning point in the conception. The legacy of the sea is clearly visible. Aside from the blue color of the hull, which is reminiscent of the sea, the design of the deckhouse was also inspired by fish gills. The interior should also meet the expectations raised by the external design.


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