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MarShip UK named overall winner at SeaWork's Innovations Awards

The winners of the Innovations Showcase were announced last week Southampton’s Seawork International. The renowned marine trade show took place from June 10th to 12th, and several products were nominated for the annual Innovation Awards. MarShip UK won the overall award for their EDI Lub Oil Purifier, a product which can extend the life of engine oil by up to four times. Other Awards were distributed across five product categories:

Diving & Underwater Technology: Dextera Manipulator from Atlantas Marine

Marine Engineering:EDI Lub Oil Purifier from MarShip UK

Propulsion: 180HP Diesel Outboard Motor from E P Barrus

Safety: Fibrelight Stretcher from CQC

Training: Marina Safety Simulation Training by MYMIC

The Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed upon Jack Gaston, a maritime journalist and tug fanatic that has been actively publishing since 1965, and the Seawork Maritime Professional of the Year Award was presented to Luke Webster of PM Shipping.


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