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NEW: professional use smock by AJ Group

AJ Group
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Waterproof smock model 3088 is made of very resistant fabric with Cotton membrane that offers you comfortable work

. The fabric has high parametres of resistance against salt water and flame retardant features as well. The smock is recommended for people who work on high seas, but also for those, who have manual fishing labor and works at land in extreme weather conditions (rain along with strong wind). Thanks to double stitched seams with high frequency current, the seams are very strong and waterproof and the product gives you a high quality of production and double welded seams offers you a good resistance of product. The windstoppers in sleeves effectively prevent the ingress of water into the interior, and the prismatic tape increases visibility of the worker during night work. All design solutions used in the product make that the manufacturer offers you an highly specialized consumer product.

NEW: professional use smock by AJ Group

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