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Raymarine unveils SideVision™ Sonar and IP Video Camera Technologies at ICAST

In a continuing effort to provide fishermen and boaters with the tools they need for success on the water, Raymarine is announcing two new technology options for its LightHouse II powered line of multifunction displays. The new CP200 SideVision™ sonar module expands anglers'' underwater horizons with crystal-clear CHIRP side-scanning sonar and the new CAM200IP marine video camera brings high definition video monitoring to Raymarine multifunction displays.

Fishermen looking to enhance their underwater view will appreciate the CP200''s ability to see further and detect more fish than traditional side-scanning sonar systems. Thanks to Raymarine''s advanced CHIRP signal processing, the CP200 takes the guesswork out of identifying underwater contacts and delivers highly detailed imagery using 2 independent sonar channels. The CP200 also employs a unique transducer design that allows anglers to choose from three pre-set transducer angles. By adjusting the angle of the CPT-200 transducer arrays, anglers can optimize their system for either shallow or deep water scanning.

Keeping a view above decks, Raymarine MFD owners now have an easy solution for upgrading their multifunction display with video monitoring. Engineered for the marine environment, the CAM200IP is perfect for recording the fishing action on deck. Alternatively, the CAM200IP can be used as a backup or docking camera. Once installed, a single CAM200IP can provide HD video to any Raymarine LightHouse II display on the network. For greater flexibility and viewing options multiple CAM200IP cameras can be installed on the network.

The CP200 CHIRP SideVision™ sonar system will be available through Raymarine dealers worldwide in August 2014 and is priced from £395.00, €475.00 and AUS$522.73 ex. tax

The CAM200IP is priced at £495.83, €595.00 and AUS$783.64 ex. tax and will be available through Raymarine dealers worldwide in September 2014.


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