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F.lli Razeto & Casareto SpA
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The innovative Ligurian company has completely rethought and evolved the whole door handle concept

The innovative Ligurian company has completely rethought and evolved the whole door handle concept, transforming it from a purely functional object into a décor accessory that lends a sense of sumptuous luxury, artistry and exclusivity to any space. Cannes Collection 2016 provided the perfect backdrop for F.lli Razeto & Casareto to premiere a slew of new models and artistic creations , which will be displaied at the next edition of Genova International Boat Show

There is no doubt that the Tribute to Doha luxury handle was one of the big visitor draws at the Cannes Collection 2016, a showcase for the world’s finest and rarest timepieces, cars, aircraft and yachts, that takes place in the Cote d’Azur city between June 2 and 5. Made by F.lli Razeto & Casareto SpA (FR&C), a company from Sori near Genoa with almost 100 years’ experience in producing nautical handles and hardware, the custom Tribute to Doha door handle is an homage to the capital city of Qatar and has earned itself a reputation as the “100k handle” because it can have a price tag of up to 100,000 euro. The most expensive door handle in the world is coated entirely in Diamond Dust with a band of inset diamonds to further underscore its handle and is also backlit using an FR&C-patented system of LEDs, for a truly unique impact. This is an entirely custom product so stunning in its beauty and execution that it has become one of the emblems of Made in Italy at its most exclusive. In fact, just a handful of select Italian companies is involved in its crafting. Like FR&C itself, the latter guarantee the very finest materials, execution and finish. Alongside the Tribute to Doha, which premiered last November at the Qatar International Boat Show 2015, FR&C will be unveiling a slew of completely new additions to its range, to highlight the standard of innovation and technological and creative leadership it has achieved with its products for the world’s largest and most exclusive superyachts. As they peruse the Cannes Collection 2016 show in the Vieux Port, visitors will also be able to admire further magnificent Tributes to other iconic luxury jet set locations. The Tribute to Bohemia, for instance, is an artistic door and furniture handle, made from spectacular black crystal from Czech glass-maker Crystal Caviar, and featuring a grip designed to mimic the look of caviar. There is even a disc-shaped “server” to heighten the realism of the effect.

The creative brain behind some of the most spectacular handles in the luxury yacht niche, Giangi Razeto also decided to pay due homage to Cannes itself by producing the five absolutely unprecedented handles in the new Tribute to Cannes collection. Once again natural diamonds, in black, blue and white, are the stars, albeit this time combined with sleekly linear stainless steel handles that will beautifully compliment refined modern spaces.

The Tribute to Cannes collection spans: Vieux Port handle featuring an engraving on steel of a plan view of the Vieu Port at Cannes and the Palais de Congres inset with blue diamonds; the Grand Prix handle, featuring engraving of the grand prix circuit in nearby Monte Carlo with black diamonds; the Wake handle, featuring an engraving of the wake of a powerboat as it turns around a black and white diamond-embossed buoy; the Dots handle which has three circular incisions inset with white diamonds; lastly, the Line handle which has a sleek linear line and is decorated with black diamonds.

To further underscore both the company’s vast catalogue of 100 or so different standard models and its ability to produce custom pieces tailored to each client’s individual tastes, FR&C will also be showing selected limited edition luxury handles made from superior quality crystals, once again supplied by Crystal Caviar. These are authentic one-offs, crafted and customised by Maestro Engraver, an internationally-renowned artist who turns precious crystals into genuine works of art. A case in point is the marine-inspired Sea World collection, created specifically for the occasion and premiering at Cannes. Maestro Engraver uses an unusual hand glass engraving technique to reproduce three-dimensional scenes which, once lit, seem to flutter to life. The Sea World sculpted glass handles will thus remain one-off pieces but brilliantly showcase how the combination of FR&C’s technological and Maestro Engraver’s artistic skills guarantees an absolutely unparalleled standard of exclusivity, effortlessly mirroring each individual client’s personal tastes and choices.

Last but not least, we will also be showing a limited edition version of the Swim handle, a collection of crystal handles supplied by Crystal Caviar and sculpted by Giangi Razeto for a frozen-look finish in a transparent amber crystal.

F.lli Razeto & Casareto SpA

The company has been designing exclusive door handles for both nautical and shore-use in Italy since 1920.

After the success of its FreeGo® range of handles inspired by biomimicry in nature, FR&C launched the Tributes line of custom-made bejewelled handles which meld exclusive materials with leading-edge technologies to create a unique product. The Tributes handles are the result of a joint effort by several different Italian and international companies of excellence. Because you need the best to create the best!

The first of these luxury handles to be unveiled to the world was the Tribute to Doha. It combined precious natural diamonds, sintered titanium, gold, LED backlighting, and gold, black and silver Diamond Dust in what is easily the most exclusive door handle on the planet. A totally customised product hand-designed with the client. The Tribute to Doha has been followed up by the Tribute to Bohemia and the Tribute to Cannes but there are more still to come. To keep abreast of all the latest Tributes as they arrive, follow us on:

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Tributes to luxury, Tributes to…

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