ROTAX MARINE safeguards mooring operations

Rotax Marine
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This reinforced rod, made from hot-dip galvanised steel and produced in France, passes through the ROTAX MARINE buoy, shackled to the submerged mooring line. Equipped with a breaking load of 18 tonnes (verified by a testing laboratory), it enables yachtsmen to moor their boats directly onto the upper ring without risk of breaking their mooring lines.

This simplifies mooring operations greatly, as yachtsmen no longer have to plunge their hands underwater beneath the buoy, feeling around rock concretions and seaweed, to moor their vessels.

The reinforced ROTAX MARINE rod comes with a specially developed protective washer in EPDM rubber, which ensures that the rod remains securely in place in the tube of the buoy and avoids premature wear-and-tear of the buoy from friction with the rod. This washer can also be used with a rope with splice and thimble to keep the thimble in place above the buoy.

Several versions of the reinforced ROTAX MARINE rod are available to suit all our mooring buoy models: 40 L, 64 L, 120 L and the latest 200 L.

To cater to all needs, ROTAX MARINE also offers several types of ‘simple'' mooring rods that can be hooked from above to moor beneath the buoy. As with the reinforced rod, this simple rod is compatible with all ROTAX MARINE mooring buoys. A shorter simple rod is available for 40 L models and over, while a longer simple rod featuring a ring positioned 500 mm above the buoy is also available, from the 64L model, for boats with larger freeboards.

ROTAX MARINE safeguards mooring operations

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