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New watermaker Smart 30 Basic

The new Smart 30 Basic produces 30 lit/h with 110 watts (9 A @ 12V) only.

It is the ideal unit for small- medium boats, even if without an electric generator.

The unit is fitted with a simple remote panel that allows the user to perform the main watermaker functions of start, stop and flushing remotely.

Affordable, fully automatic, compact, light and easy to install, Smart 30 Basic offer all performances of bigger units at a very competitive and low price.

It is fitted with the new 2.0 Schenker technology that don''t make use at all of dinamic o-rings.

The internal seals, are made with special frictions bands, made of special innovative material produced with nanotechnology.

This material exhibits a very low friction coefficient, and an incredible resistance to abrasion, up to 15 times greater than carbon steel!

The result is a very smooth and silent functioning but above all a reliability unreachable with traditional technologies and materials.

The best value for money for a small watermaker ! 3 years warranty. Get the special spring promotion now !


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