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New watermaker Schenker 210 lit/h 5 tons/day Digital version

The most efficient and reliable watermaker available today.

Efficient, silent, automatic the new Modular 210 is ideal for yachts where productivity and reliability really does matter.

The main pump of this unit is based on the latest multistage centrifugal technology, without any sliding part. As consequence its reliability and silent functioning is amazing.

It produce 210 lit/h of pure fresh water with an electric consumption of about 1,2 kWatt only.

The global reliability is very high, and tested even for h24 continuous running.

The new digital control allows the total control of the watermaker with a friendly interface, even enabling advanced functions like remote start/stop, timing, automatic flushing, weekly flushing, intensive flushing, automatic start-up, salinity monitoring and assisted maintenance.

Excellent value for money. 3 years warranty.


  • Naples, Italy
  • Schenker watermakers