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Biocide free fouling stop paint by Sea-Line

Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.
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SEAGUARD FOULING STOP – a new anti-fouling paint for hulls.

Contrary to the traditional anti-fouling paints, SEAGUARD does not contain active ingredients, i.e. toxic biocides. The bottom paint is much more environmentally friendly, which is significant especially in the case of such reservoirs as lakes. It can also be used for fresh waters, coastal waters and salt waters. Modern solutions were applied in producing this paint which allowed to create a coating which will make it more difficult for lichens to maintain and develop on a surface. Sea-Line Seaguard works best for units moving with the speed not higher than of 30 knots and which are used often.

SEAGUARD is a self-polishing paint which is an extra benefit for users. It can be used for all types of yachts and boats – laminate, wood, steel and aluminium. It is available in 0,75 l and 2,5 l containers, navy blue and white colours. SEAGUARD is a paint which can safely be applied with air spraying and its advantage is high capability – up to 10m2 out of 1 litre.

Biocide free fouling stop paint by Sea-Line

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