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NEW: man overboard rescue system / for boats by SeaCurity GmbH

SeaCurity GmbH
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This version of the Rescue Marker Buoy represents a more advanced type of the above rescue device. It is equipped with an automatic release mechanism MK5 from UML. If you open the container the buoy falls into the water and automatically inflates thereafter. The new container is made of ABS material and has a decompression valve at the back.

Additionally the buoy has been added 2 pockets at different positions in order to use an AIS system. These pockets are designed to accomodate the AIS systems SEAANGEL from FT-Tec GmbH/Austria which you can buy as well from us.

In order to make the buoy stand uprigth in the water the ballast weight has been increased by 1,6 kg.

We offer as well the replacement sets which you need if the buoy has been activated.


Material inflation tube: TPU coated nylon fabric

Inflation mechanism: Automatic release mechanism MK5 from UML

CO-2 cartridge: 60 g mit ½ `` thread

Inflation/deflation valve

Sea anchor


Retro-reflective stripes on the upper part of the pole

Increased stabilizing weight

ABS container with decompression vlave at the back

Colour of the article: Neon-yellow

Weight: 6,25 kg

NEW: man overboard rescue system / for boats by SeaCurity GmbH