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NEW: pleasure boat antifouling by Seajet paint

Recommended for high fouling areas, all types op boats including aluminium.

Main benefits Copper free (based on ECONEA ®), suitable for aluminium, high quality antifouling.

Number of coats per season 1

Can be applied to last up to Two seasons (3 roller coats)

Suitable for motor boats and yachts? Yes, up to 40 knots

Suitable for aluminium VVV

Suitable for fiberglass, wood and steel VVV

Suitable for fresh water V

Suitable for drying mud berths V

Colours white, black, navy blue, mid blue, red

Coverage rate 9.6 m²/lt

Pack size 0.75lt, 2.5lt, 5lt


  • Netherlands
  • Seajet paint


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