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Batyline Elios

Serge Ferrari
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A touch of softness

A unique softness

Batyline Elios' patented weave allies performance and durability to offer a softness and unique resistance.

Serge ferrari has created Batyline Elios, a new range in the Batyline family acclaimed by users for its unique level of softness. With Batyline Elios, your outdoor living space becomes a place of comfort where you can reconnect with yourself.

Batyline Elios is the ideal upholstery fabric for the following outdoor furniture applications : sofa, chairs, armchairs, garden furniture, cushions.

3 inspiring colour ranges

The choice of elegance in a range of 10 colours. A fabric with a timeless and graphic look that will harmonize perfectly with any type of design.

A material with a timeless, graphic look, which will harmonize with any type of design

Easy to clean and resistant to any test.

Exceptional abrasion resistance: Over 50,000 cycles.

Mould resistance: An intact appearance after 4 weeks of incubation at 29 °C / 84 °F.

UV resistance: Confirmed by accelerated exposure to guarantee colorfastness for 5 years.

Ease of cleaning: Multiple tests have been conducted in the laboratory to prove unfailing cleanability.

Batyline Elios

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