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Cummins and Siren Marine announces new advanced remote monitoring solution for marine

PrevenTech® monitors Cummins-powered assets remotely, using connectivity, big data, advanced analytics and IoT to help avoid unplanned downtime through the advanced detection, reporting and diagnosis of potential engine health issues.

Boost Uptime

PrevenTech® delivers accurate service recommendations, root cause analysis, and action timelines to boost first-time fix rates and reduce the need for extensive troubleshooting during service events.

Reduce Costs

FleetguardFIT™ integration extends PrevenTech®’s health monitoring capabilities to the filtration components, reducing reliance on standardized maintenance schedules and minimizing unnecessary costs.

Peace of Mind, Safety, and Planning

Remote monitoring of basic vessel functions provides insights into the real-time health of the vessel, enabling informed decision-making that can prevent costly progressive damage and downtime.

PrevenTech® Marine will be made available to Cummins powered customers in mid-2021. It will be initially offered through an integration with Siren Marine, a leader in Cloud-based Connected Boat® technology, providing actionable data to commercial and recreational propulsion engine customers. Siren Marine’s technology enables vessel-wide monitoring allowing customers to track and manage vessels and fleets through a convenient online portal.


  • Charleston, SC, USA
  • Cummins