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Azure Sail Design Software

SMAR Azure''s software products are internationally recognised as the ''state of the art'' in integrated design and analysis solutions for sail design.


AzureProject is a completely integrated software package. It enables sail designers to work methodically through the various steps of rig modelling, sail mould shape design, panel layouts, corner patches, sail details, fibre layouts, and aeroelastic analysis. The user-friendly and modular software can be purchased in its various individual modules, enabling the sail designer to put together his/her own customized software package, containing only those modules that particularly suit the needs of the individual sail loft, be it large or small.

Standard versions include all the tools necessary to design panel sails and fibre layouts. Advanced versions comprise analysis modules (aerodynamics and aeroelastics) to achieve peak performance with your panel sail designs.


Gaff Sails is the unique design program for designing low and high aspect ratio gaff sails.

Multi-rig allows creating a full rig model for all yachts with multiple masts.The ADVANCED ANALYSIS tool lets the sail designer calculate the flying sail-shape and stress distribution, by taking into account the specific panel layout, and the type of sailcloth utilised.


By adding the analysis modules - Flow2 and Flex - to the standard versions of Azure Project and Azure Design, the sail designer can examine the effects of changes to the sail structure, and improvements to the sail''s flying shape.


SA Evolution is a scientific approach to fibre layout, relying on robust aeroelastic analysis to achieve maximum results from fibre layout sails.

By virtually simulating the aero-elastic behaviour of sails in up-wind sailing conditions, comparing alternative fibres and layouts, and analyzing the resulting sail shapes, the optimal fibre layout distribution can be achieved.


SMAR Azure offers two modules - AzureVision and AzureAgent - that help sailmakers and sail designers improve their interaction with customers, prospective clients and agents. The two modules are fully compatible with both AzureDesign and AzureProject.


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