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Innovating Cruise Interior Design: Stern Engineering's Debut at CSI Exhibition

Navigating the Future: Stern Engineering's Pioneering Solutions in Cruise Interior Design

Stern Engineering, renowned for pioneering sanitary bathrooms innovation, took center stage at the CSI Exhibition in London last November, marking a significant milestone as a first-time participant. This debut generated excitement among Cruise Interior Design enthusiasts, showcasing Stern's commitment to cutting-edge solutions in the engineering sector.

Elevating Cruise Hygiene Standards

The post-COVID era has underscored the importance of touchless sanitary products in the cruise industry. Stern Engineering's exhibit at the CSI Exhibition provided an immersive experience, highlighting the brand's dedication to innovative, quality, and sustainable engineering solutions. The dynamic booth reflected Stern's ethos and commitment.

Enhanced Hygiene with Touchless Solutions

Touchless sanitary products play a pivotal role in minimizing physical contact, reducing the risk of germ transmission. Cruise lines prioritize enhanced hygiene protocols, making touchless solutions crucial for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Revolutionizing Restroom Hygiene

At the exhibition, Stern presented Touchless Cubicle Partitions for Courtesy Washrooms. These cubicles seamlessly operate with proximity sensors and manual control, optimizing surface hygiene and minimizing cross-contamination risk. Easy installation, a user-friendly interface, and minimal maintenance make them a top choice for cruise restrooms.

SWAR TV: A Game-Changer in Cruise Interiors

Stern's SWAR TV, winner of the BDNY 2022 Bath category 'Best Product,' revolutionizes behind-the-mirror handwashing stations. This technology delivers targeted advertising, information, and entertainment to users. Input options via USB, HDMI, or WIFI, and control options with a wired mouse or built-in touch screen enhance the cruise environment and passenger engagement.

Aesthetic Versatility with Csaba Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Luxurious finishes on touchless faucets and soap dispensers reflect modern design trends. Stern's booth showcased the Csaba faucet and soap dispenser in finishes like Antique Bronze, Matt Black, Copper, Gunmetal, and Brushed Nickel. Coordinating these special finishes creates a cohesive and harmonious design, enhancing the luxurious atmosphere.

Looking Ahead to Innovation

Stern Engineering's presence at the CSI 2023 Exhibition marked the beginning of a new chapter. The exhibit highlighted Stern's commitment to innovation and provided a glimpse into the future of engineering solutions for cruises. As the industry eagerly awaits what's next, Stern Engineering stands poised to continue making significant contributions.

Innovating Cruise Interior Design: Stern Engineering's Debut at CSI Exhibition


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