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SWI-TEC Hydro Charger

- For 12/24 Volts systems

- Programmable idler neutral gear voltage e.g. 14,4 V

- Max. current programmable depending on battery capacity

- Programmable converter charger with digital display

- Solar panel connection up to 200 W / 16 A

- 20 A / 12 V + 50-200Ah / 24V socket for watermaker, inverter 220 V / 50 Hz for charging cellular phones, TV, PC etc.

Transom bracket system:

- Quick fastener device for mounting on transom bracket

- Foldable on full speed throught 4x ratio line reduction

- Generator blocks in working position, no pressure on line (easy release means light pulling on line)

- Can be folded in fully upside position (for ex. in harbour)

- Lateral stoppers to avoid generator hitting on transom

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