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SWI-TEC Universal Scarecrow - Safe protection against annoying bird droppings on deck

Installation: The just 15 mm flat flange with a diameter of 80 mm can be easily bolted on any position on the boat with just 2 screws. The unit is mounted by simply clipping and twisting through the bayonet-lock, it is ready to use quickly and easily.

Function: The 12 rods are made of elastic and still robust polyester with small balls at the end. This combination ensures uneven movements, so that the birds will not get used to it and avoid the boat permanently.

Application possibilities: The polyester rods are individually changeable and can be removed according to the demand, i.e. single rods can be removed for mounting on individual bathing platform.

The SWI-TEC Universal scarecrow can be installed with several accessories i.e. on the railing or on a canopy. Particularly the latter one helps to keep the canopy clean while the boat is for a longer time in the port.

Just cut two small holes in a suitable position in the tarp and two plates are then attached to each other side. The plate with the flange remains permanently attached to the canopy.

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