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Garlic Press

Garlic Press


How often did those small hand garlic presses almost drive you mad because they do not press garlic, but squeeze it, if anything? Too often? Then we have the right thing for you.

Our perfect garlic press made of stainless steel and aluminium a true jewel in your kitchen or pantry, or an innovative product that is the ideal gift for amateur cooks and professionals.

The pressing chamber can hold up to three cloves of garlic. Only little force is needed to press the garlic into the spice compartment below. The garlic passes through small holes so you can easily spread it as fine as butter.

You can directly press garlic cloves without peeling them all you do is to remove the peel from the pressing chamber, and you can carry on.

Of course the stainless steel pressing chamber and spice compartment are dishwasher-proof, making the unit even more comfortable.

Garlic Press


  • Poligono 9, Apt 51, 07680 Porto Cristo, Islas Baleares, Spain
  • Carolin Fischer

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