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SWI-TEC Bosuns Chair

SWI-TEC Bosuns Chair

Safe and comfortable!

With stitched-in wooden board

Comfortable to sit on for hours of work

Safe even if unconscious

Strong fabric and workmanship

4 sewn-on bags for power tools, rigging tools, nuts and bolts etc..

Sewn-in stainless steel shackle

Compact storage bag included

Fittings to hold drill

Additional stitched loops for tools

NEW! XXL – Design


Larger wooden board

Addition: Adjustable back-rest

A great asset to your safety, our Bosun’s Chairs are safe even in the event of loss of conscioness.


  • Poligono 9, Apt 51, 07680 Porto Cristo, Islas Baleares, Spain
  • Carolin Fischer

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