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The small and practical allrounder

Small and practical

Thanks to the stable stainless steel eyelets, you have the option of various attachments. Screws are included, but hanging with a line is also a great alternative.

The special material does not absorb water and is absolutely breathable. It is also UV-resistant, tear-resistant, recyclable, rot-proof and can be washed at 30°C. This makes it perfect for use in the area of water sports, in damp rooms or outdoors.

If as a holder for drinks, storage for towels, tools or as a hair dryer holder, our storage bag in mini format can be used in many ways thanks to its size of 25 x 28 cm.

This bag is not only an allrounder but also an optical eye-catcher, thanks to its elegant design in 2 different colours silver and white.

- Available in two colours

- Stable stainless steel eyelets

- UV-resistent

- Breathable

- Waterproof

- 30°C washable

- Recyclable

- Screws are included

- Rot-proof

We also manufacture special sizes!

Universal bag mini
Universal bag mini

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