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NEW: waste compactor / recycling by Tech Oil Products

Maximum recycling, minimal space! The ENVIRO-PAK® Model R6x2 rotating multi-bin compactor is the ideal solution for those environments with a high number of persons on board. It makes integrating recycling into any offshore waste management plan easy. Featuring 6 large triangular bins plus 2 large rectangular bins, this rotating compactor allows you to allocate different bins for different types of waste, and compact each bin on an as needed basis. With the capability to pre-sort and compact up to 8 different types of waste in one unit, the Model R6x2 maximizes performance, deck space, and ease of use.

Model R6x2 Highlights

Simple, Safe, Reliable Operation

Specially designed to handle a maximum assortment of recyclable items, being almost two compactors in one

Carousel design provides maximum utilization of premium deck space

2 - 14 cubic foot bins, with own ram, for compacting of general waste, compacted at 38,000 pounds of force

6 - 5.5 cubic foot bins, with own ram, for compacting of separated recyclables, compacted at 29,000 pounds of force

Seal welded for strength and corrosion protection

Sand Blasted to white metal and zinc coated - Epoxy Top Coat

In bag (woven polypropylene) compaction with a 5:1 safety ratio on bag

Compacts all types of waste



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