Tornado RIB - Most popular boat for sailboat coaches

Tornado Boats
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At Tornado Boats International we have a long tradition of designing and manufacturing customized coach boats to customers all over the world.

All our small and medium-sized RIBs are particularly suited for coaching, because their relatively short length make them fast, agile and 100 % reliable.

And what makes Tornado RIBs ideal for the dedicated sailing coach or any other support function that demands long days at sea (like race course guiding), is the classic V-hull design. This design offers comfort and safety in the hardest conditions, and ensures that you won’t feel beaten up, even after 8 hours at sea, which is why our coach boats are being used worldwide at Yacht Club practice and at championships and regattas.

As with all of the Tornado boats we manufacture the RIBs made for coaching exactly to the demands of the user. This includes both colour choices and consoles, seats, lockers and other fittings.

Tornado RIB - Most popular boat for sailboat coaches