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Ullman Dynamics
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The next step on the path towards more efficient, faster and safer high-speed boats will be presented at the end of April.

25 years ago Dr. Johan Ullman started the development of the “Ullman Cockpit System”, in an attempt to reduce impact induced injuries on high-speed boat operators.

This became a paradigm shift. Dr Ullman''s scientific work set off a revolution in the professional high-speed boat segment.

The Ullman Jockey seats, one part of the Ullman cockpit system, have become the de facto standard for suspension seats on high-speed boats in more than 70 countries.

The Ullman Steering system, the other part of system, quickly became the standard on high-speed boats in the Swedish Coastguard KVB and in the Swedish Sea Rescue Society SSRS, but it was never introduced outside Sweden.

This is mainly because Ullman Dynamics was kept busy, ramping up production, and continuously developing their range of Ullman suspension seats, to meet the increasing demands from boat builders, Special Forces and sea rescue agencies around world, who constantly push their operational envelopes.

Teamwork - a genuine game-changer

Volvo Penta, Norsafe, Humphree, Raymarine and REBS have now joined forces with Ullman Dynamics, to bring the intuitive steering system to those who demand the highest possible efficiency on platforms.

A fully intuitive, human-compatible steering and control system will vastly enhance anyone''s driving skills.

“This system uses human reflexes which frees your residual intellectual capacity to deal with more important decisions” says Dr. Ullman. “Control of the vessel is relocated to the parts of the brain responsible for our reflex motions, movements and postural control. Being able to decide where you are going and how fast, at same time, while still maintaining your own postural control, is a reasonable intellectual requirement.”

The boat “Harald Bluetooth” will be available for testing in rough seas during HSBO 2015 in Lisbon. See

The Long road trip

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