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Yachting Festival in Cannes 11-16 September

Johannes Palm
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Boats with Ullman seats in Cannes

The annual Yachting Festival in Cannes!

The 40 Open Power from Sunreef
The 40 Open Power from Sunreef

A unique luxurious multi hull able to reach speeds of 60 knots. Features three Echelon Low Back seats with Flat Front.

The Bladerunner 45GT

The latest launch from ICE Marine - A comfortable GT that stands for speed, comfort and design. The 45GT features four customized Echelon seats for crew and passengers.

SAY 45 RIB from SAY Carbon Yachts

With Yanmar engines and a twin Alamarin Jet setup, the 45 RIB is fast and maneuvers easily in confined spaces. We are happy to be onboard the 45 RIB with five Patrol Seats

SAY 29-E (Electric)

Fully electric powered the SAY 29-E earlier this year managed to set the world record for "the World's fastest electric production boat between 8-10m". All the SAY 29 Runabouts features two Daytona Crew seats.

The Iguana Commuter from Iguana Yachts

The Iguana Commuter is a unique boat in the water, she can navigate smoothly and dryly through choppy waters, and safely and easily embark virtually any terrain. Making her the perfect tender for a super yacht or the ideal support vessel for your waterfront property. The Iguana commuter features custom Datyona seats for crew and passengers.

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