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Learn more about the Interceptor DHM1050

The Interceptor DHM1050 is a high-speed work boat with superb manoeuvrability and outstanding stability. The boat’s simple yet robust design is based on a heavy-duty, class-approved aluminium hull that’s optimized for excellent seakeeping and high speed. Open access to all hull compartments not only makes the Interceptor easy to maintain and repair, it also forms a modular design platform that allows you to configure the boat exactly the way you want it. With a range of different lengths, deck layouts and powertrain options, the Interceptor achieves top speeds of up to 60 knots while ergonomic features reduce the physical impact on the crew. All this makes the Interceptor DHM1050 an ideal work boat for a wide variety of professional operations.

The Interceptor DHM1050 is designed for speed and manoeuvrability. Powertrain options include petrol or diesel outboard and water jet or sterndrive inboard. Depending on the propulsion variant, the boat can reach top speeds of up to 60 knots, while flexible weight distribution makes it highly stable and safe. As a result, you can configure the Interceptor for all kinds of professional operations in which speed is essential. From patrol and survey to special ops and SAR operations, and from tropic to arctic conditions.

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About the interceptor
About the interceptor

The Interceptor DHM1050 is designed and built by a team of naval architects at De Haas Shipyard in the Netherlands. De Haas has decades of experience in the construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of Patrol vessels, Tugs and Workboats, Search and Rescue (SAR) vessels, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and other professional boats. Quality and service are at the heart of everything we do. Our highly trained specialists deliver top-quality craftsmanship that meets your requirements and complies with the latest standards related to the environment and sustainability. We are also committed to innovation. By applying the latest technologies and materials, we ensure that all the vessels we build are extremely reliable, cost-effective and versatile.

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