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Piston Protection

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Protect and save your hydraulic pistons for destructive dust

Protection during loading/discharging cement, coal, ore and other destructive cargo (specially for ships hatchcovers hydraulic cylinders) The piston seals will keep soft, clean and low risk for leakage. Protection cover can be installed without disassembly of the hydraulic cylinder. Protection can be removed after loading or unloading for later use.

Save big money and time for repair and you don't have lost earnings.

Easily fitted with zip, can also be used for agricultural equipment of factories. Protection will be dust proof. Oil tight type can be produced if you already have leaking cylinder, this type with drain valve, for controlled draining.

Different colours of materials. Hypalon- neoprene coated, heat resistance for tropical climate, cold flex resistance C-20° degree. Dust resistance zip. Stainless steel clamps are placed at both ends.

Piston Protection

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